Airwave – Relied on for over a decade

Airwave is a company built on people and processes that are solely focused on providing an excellent service for the public safety community. Airwave’s Emergency Services Network covers over 99% of Great Britain’s landmass, including very remote areas, and is proven to remain operational even in the toughest situations. Every six minutes across Great Britain, a member of the emergency services presses Airwave’s emergency push-to-talk button to summon urgent assistance. Airwave’s customers need a communications service they can rely on every single minute of every day: Airwave is dedicated to providing world leading mission critical communications.

From the early roll out to the G8 summit of 2005 through to the London 2012 Games and the bad weather of 2014, Airwave has been providing the highest quality service and the most innovative communications technology for thirteen years. Our service is tried, tested and trusted, remaining resilient and secure even in the most testing environments.

Airwave drives innovation, ensuring that Britain’s emergency services continue to have access to world leading technology. We have always provided the catalyst for our customers to change and will continue to provide the tools the emergency services need, today, tomorrow and in the future.

The Airwave Network was the world’s first TETRA network of scale and the technology is still as appropriate today as it always has been. It was designed with the needs of the modern emergency services in mind, meaning that it can handle not just voice, but also data applications which are becoming increasingly important. This is why countries including Germany and Norway are currently rolling out mission-critical TETRA networks for the first time.

Airwave is committed to evolving and expanding the range of innovative services available to its customers, for example with the development of mobile data applications such as Pronto. Airwave’s data applications are being used by emergency service personnel across Great Britain to enable instant access to internal systems and detailed information about the incidents they attend, and it lets them fill in forms while on the move saving time and bureaucracy.

With investment of more than £1.4bn, Airwave’s Emergency Services Network was built to cover 99% of the landmass of England, Scotland and Wales. It was delivered on time and on budget to the country’s police forces in 2005. Since then the Network has been extended to the Ambulance Trusts and Fire & Rescue Services and over 300 second line responders such as the Highways Agency, enabling all to collaborate with each other, or interoperate. Coverage extends to the air – allowing police helicopters and the air ambulance service to communicate and receive information that is vital to their operations.

We know that the emergency services value Airwave’s Emergency Service Network: it allows them to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently and helps them to stay safe. The Network has built in flexibility so that it can be used efficiently both in day to day activities and when responding to major incidents.

For example, when police from 25 different forces joined the Metropolitan Police Service in responding to the August 2011 riots, mutual aid was seamless because they could all communicate and co-ordinate their activity using the Network.

The expertise we have built up in transforming emergency services communications over the past 13 years is unmatched.

The Airwave working environment

Airwave is an organisation built on technical excellence and focused on customer service. We have earned a reputation for exceeding expectations – and that is down to the quality of our people.

To be a part of our outstanding team, you need to be a committed, customer- focused team player who takes pride in what you do. You must have a passion for delivering the highest standards, day in, day out.